Anacrusis Art Academy

Form S/E

hereby give my consent for my child,
to enroll in Anacrusis Art Academy. I understand and agree to the terms and conditions outlined below:
1. Commitment to Music Education: I acknowledge the importance of music education in fostering creativity, discipline, and personal growth in my child. By enrolling him/her in Anacrusis Art Academy, I commit to supporting him/her artistic journey and encouraging regular attendance and practice.
2. Tuition and Fees: Anacrusis Art Academy operates on a tuition-based system. I agree to make timely payments for the selected courses and programs my child is enrolled in. I am aware of the payment schedule and any extra (tax) applicable fees.
3. Attendance and Punctuality: I recognize the significance of regular attendance and punctuality in maximizing the benefits of education. I assure Anacrusis Art Academy that my child will attend all scheduled lessons, rehearsals, and performances, and in case of any unavoidable absence, I will inform the Academy in advance in writing.
4. Code of Conduct: I acknowledge that my child will be expected to adhere to the principle of conduct set forth by Anacrusis Art Academy. This includes respecting teachers, staff, fellow students, and the Anacrusis Art Academy website and refraining from any disruptive or harmful behavior.
5. Media Release: I grant permission to Anacrusis Art Academy to video recordings and audio clips of classes for promotional and educational purposes.
6. Liability Release: I understand that while Anacrusis Art Academy takes the necessary actions to ensure a safe learning environment, I will stay with my child during his/her classes.
7. Communication: I agree to maintain open and respectful communication with Anacrusis Art Academy. I will promptly address any concerns or questions and expect the same level of communication from the academy's staff.
8. Termination of Enrollment: I understand terminating enrollment is subject to the Anacrusis Art Academy's cancelation and refund policy. If I withdraw my child from any courses, I will provide Anacrusis Art Academy with a written notice according to the cancellation form in advance. I agree that if the student discontinues lessons with insufficient notice, the student/ parent/guardian will not receive reimbursement of fees for those lessons not taken during the notice period and after (if applicable).
9. Intellectual Rights: Having reviewed the Anacrusis Art Academy’s rules and regulations, I hereby affirm my acceptance of all terms and conditions, while acknowledging that the Art Academy maintains complete ownership of both the content and intellectual rights pertaining to its educational website.

By signing below, I confirm that I have read and understood the contents of this consent form and attachments and agree to its terms and conditions.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Max. file size: 50 MB.
Please sign a piece of paper, write your name and send a photo of it.
Thank you for entrusting Anacrusis Art Academy with your child's artistic development. We are excited to embark on this journey together and look forward to nurturing their passion for the arts.

Sincerely, Anacrusis Art Academy
1. Fees: Lesson fees are subject to annual review.
2. Missed lessons: Any lesson missed by the student shall be paid for unless otherwise agreed with the teacher. If the teacher cannot give any scheduled class, the session will be carried forward to another date. If this is not possible, any fee already paid will be refunded or used to pay for a future class. The student is expected to provide a written notice, with explicit acknowledgment from the teacher, to cancel a course. The cancellation request is only effective once a confirmation reply is received stating that the request has been processed and the lesson has been canceled.
3. Additional lessons: Extra lessons may be scheduled by mutual agreement.
4. Termination of Agreement: A decision to discontinue lessons may be taken by the student/ parent/guardian, in which case written notice, according to the cancelation form, shall be given by the party seeking to discontinue. If the student stops lessons with insufficient notice, the student/ parent/guardian will be liable to pay fees for those lessons not taken during the notice period. Any cancellation request after the third session is not refundable. Also, the written notice period is to be paid.
5. General I. The student/parent/guardian does not make photocopies of any music.
II. The student will enter any examination entries, festivals, or competitions only if the student and teacher agree. Any entry fees will be paid for by the student/parent/ guardian.
III. In the interests of the student's well-being while in the teacher's care, the teacher must be informed of any medical or other condition affecting the student.
IV. If the student is under eighteen, the parent/ guardian permits the teacher to teach the student.
6. Communication: All Anacrusis Art Academy teachers and staff are to be spoken to with respect. Any abuse, inappropriate language, or disrespect from a student or relation of a student (for example, a friend or family) will result in the termination of any lessons from that point onwards. If this happens during a class, that lesson will still require payment, and any advance payments will not be refunded.
7. Child Protection: Any information shared from a student to a teacher is taken seriously and will be reported to authorities if the teacher feels it necessary. Abuse is taken very seriously, and a teacher will never try to resolve these problems.
8. Violence and disruption: If a teacher's professional or personal safety is at risk, they will remove themselves from that situation. This may result in a teacher leaving a lesson, which will require payment and may result in the termination of any lessons from that point onwards, along with any advance fees not being refunded.
9. Teaching Material: The teachers choose whether they will teach specific songs. If a student requests a piece, it is the teachers' choice if they think the student's ability matches the song's requirements. Teaching songs chosen by students depends on the time available between each lesson to learn the selected song or plan a lesson for a specific technique. If the student requests a piece, it is put at the end of a list that works on a first-come, first-served basis of all students' song choices. The teacher will move the piece ahead in the list if the teacher thinks that song will help the student's learning and development. These songs are learned in a specific time slot weekly, including writing them into a lesson plan. Some students' song choices may take longer than others resulting in a longer turnaround.