Milad Mohammadi

Milad Mohammadi was born in 1988 Iran. At the age of twelve, he entered the Tehran music school and chose Tar instrument as his professional instrument. He studied playing Iranian instrument and in 2005 he succeeded in obtaining a diploma from the conservatory. In 2004, he entered the Tehran university of Music and continued his studies in the field of playing Iranian music, and in 2008, he received his bachelor’s degree.

Milad won the first place in the Tar music section at the closing ceremony of the 8th Young Music Festival.

He released instrumental album called “Shadow” as a composer in 2012.

In 2014 he released the album “The Metamorphosed” .

Later in the same year he attended the 4020 World Music Festival in Austria. He Attended the 60th Venice Music Biennial in October 2016.

He performed in the world music section of Radio France in 2017.

In the same year he Released an album with Hoshyar Khayyam called Music for Tar and Piano.

He cooperated with Alireza Ghorbani’s “Blaze” album.

He has also cooperated with Homayoun Shajarian’s album “Rag Khab”.

He composed a single track called “Taroud” introducing a new style of Iranian music.

Milad Mohammadi

Taar, Setar and Oud Instructor





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