Özgür Sever

From his early years, he was interested of Folk music, a passion that accompanied him through elementary school and beyond.

During this period, he adventitiously discovered the Ney and kaval (Turkish Flute), igniting the spark for his artistic journey.

Captivated by the attraction of these instruments, he discerned his life’s mission and swiftly advanced toward his dreams.

As his proficiency and success resonated through concerts across Turkey, the resonance of his music reached the ears of foreign composers, marking the commencement of a new journey marked by collaborations transcending the borders of his homeland.

Noteworthy among his myriad achievements is his collaboration with renowned artists such as Ebrahim Tatlis and Bulent Ersoy, masters in the realm of Turkish music. His expertise with the Ney and Kaval further solidifies his standing among Turkish classical music’s great composers and singers.

Özgür Sever

Ney Instructor