Volkan Kabak

My name is Volkan Kabak. During my time in primary school, I was introduced to the world of music by my music teacher, which sparked my interest and talents in the field. I actively participated in various activities, including the school choir.

By the time I reached the eighth grade, I had started learning to play the bağlama, a traditional musical instrument. Initially, I dedicated my efforts to self-improvement and individual learning. Subsequently, I began formal bağlama lessons under the guidance of my teacher, Sercan Yıldız.

I pursued my education, graduating from Tokat Vocational Technical and Anatolian High School and simultaneously completing my studies at Gazi University’s Music Teaching Department in 2023. During my university years, I had the privilege to participate in numerous concerts within our department. In addition to my studies, I also became an instructor, teaching bağlama to several students, and I currently provide bağlama lessons within educational institutions.

Volkan Kabak

Bağlama Instructor